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Calves & Young Stock

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  • StockSense Calving Workshops

    Calving Tips

    Watch this video for tips on surviving the busiest time in the farming calendar.

  • Bobby Calves

    It is important that all calves are treated well, not just the animals you keep as replacements...

  • Calves

    To set a dairy cow up for a long, productive life you must give her the best possible start. Find out more about raising great dairy cows from the word go...

  • Calf Feeding Systems

    Extra effort now will pay dividends throughout a cows milking life and growing them well starts from the day they are born.

  • Weaning

    Well grown heifers make productive dairy cows. Find out more about the weaning and care of young heifers...

  • Heifers

    Young Stock

    Target weights for your young stock should be relative to the weight they will grow to as mature cows...