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Healthy Hoof

The Healthy Hoof Programme is a practical and systematic approach, aimed at reducing the incidence of physical lameness on pasture-based dairy farms.

The programme focuses on prevention of lameness in conjunction with information and training on management and treatment of lame cows.

Benefits of joining

Farmers participating in the Healthy Hoof Programme tell us that its benefits reach further than cost savings from reduced lameness.

They also valued improved staff performance due to the education and training provided with the programme, and they told us that the clear actions they agreed in conjunction with the trained specialist gave them more confidence to act and address their lameness problem.

How the programme works

The programme is a simple, stepwise approach to managing lameness on dairy farms caused by physical factors.

It consists of five key steps that each farm takes with the support of a trained programme provider.

The Healthy Hoof Programme is based on the work of New Zealand's own world renowned lameness specialist, Neil Chesterton. It has been developed in consultation with vets as well as local and international lameness experts.

Register for Healthy Hoof

Farmers and Farm Advisers - Click here to register now and join the Healthy Hoof programme.

Further information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some frequently asked questions that farmers may have regarding the Healthy Hoof programme.  If your question isn't answered here, you can ask us a question.

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Contact Healthy Hoof

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQs, you can email healthyhoof@dairynz.co.nz or submit your question using this online form.