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  • Calf


    InCalf is DairyNZ's response to addressing a clearly identified need of dairy farmers - to turn around the unfavourable trend in herd reproductive performance observed over the last 15 years. InCalf is a learning package of tools, resources and training...

  • Cow in field


    The final step in phasing out routine inductions will be introduced from 1 June 2015, when there will be no routine inductions on New Zealand dairy farms. This means that the 2014 calving season will be the last at the 4% limit.

  • Heat Detection Workshops

    Heat Detection

    Getting cows in-calf quickly is key to achieving a good calving pattern. Heat detection, pre-mating heats and bull management are key ingredients for a successful mating. Getting these right will benefit the farm's submission rate and six-week in-calf rate.