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The InCalf programme is designed to help dairy farmers achieve a measured improvement in herd reproductive performance.

InCalf is a learning package of tools, resources and training for both dairy farmers and their advisers helping farmers to improve non-cycling problems, heat detection, getting cows back in calf and reduce empties.

InCalf advisers

Herd fertility is complex, requiring a range of expertise to better diagnose areas to improve and to implement chosen management options.

As part of the InCalf programme, dairy farmers can work with trained InCalf advisers to gain real value in terms of measured performance improvement.

For a list of trained InCalf advisors, click here.

If you are a rural professional interested in receiving InCalf training, click here for more information.

InCalf's integrated approach

Farmers will get the most out of InCalf through an integrated approach, combining their Fertility Focus reports with knowledge in The InCalf Book and support from InCalf trained advisers working with various InCalf tools.

The InCalf Book for NZ Dairy Farmers

The InCalf Book for New Zealand Dairy Farmers is a practical easy-to-use reference to help farmers achieve a measured improvement in their herd's reproductive performance.

The InCalf Book is also useful for professionals providing advice to farmers.

It pulls together the accepted knowledge on dairy herd fertility, drawing on InCalf's extensive on-farm research project as well a huge number of experts.

The InCalf Book for New Zealand Dairy Farmers is complimentary to New Zealand dairy farmers and their advisers. Otherwise, The InCalf Book for New Zealand Dairy Farmers costs $85 including GST.

  • To order your copy of the InCalf Book for New Zealand Dairy Farmers click here

InCalf Herd Assessment Pack Tools

The InCalf herd assessment tools help dairy farmers (and their advisers) investigate key management areas which affect herd reproductive performance.

Past and present herd performance and likely future outcomes can be assessed. Sound decisions based on potential economic benefits of management change can then be made.

Choose from the available pdf tools below:

Cow and calf

Trained Advisers

This page contains a list of the current advisers who have completed the 3-day InCalf Adviser Training Course.

Adviser Training

The InCalf Adviser Course trains veterinarians, consultants, herd improvement service providers, extension officers and other advisers on the use of InCalf's innovative resources and tools to improve the reproductive performance of dairy herds.