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Designing or Upgrading Effluent Systems

The following resources have been developed in partnership with the effluent industry to provide you best practice advice for upgrading your existing effluent systems or building a new one from scratch.

Choosing the right system:

Technical design information:

DairyNZ effluent publications and tools

To view the full range of DairyNZ Designing or Upgrading Effluent Systems publications and tools available for order and download click here.

Accredited effluent system designers

Do it once, do it right with an accredited effluent system design company!

This is a new programme where companies have been assessed for their competency and skills in:

  • Regulation and legislation
  • Soils and climate considerations
  • Effluent block allocation
  • Hydraulic design of irrigation systems
  • Estimating pond storage volume
  • Integrated management systems.

To find an accredited company near you visit: www.effluentaccreditation.co.nz