Land & Nutrient

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  • Nutrient Use Efficiency

    Fertiliser alone can make up about 15 to 20 percent of farm working expenses. therefore it is important to understand how efficient your farm is at converting nutrient inputs into product, and knowing where losses occur from your farm system.

  • Effluent

    Maximising the use of your effluent nutrients is a key component of optimising your nutrient use. Done well it saves money while also lowering your environmental footprint.

  • Fertiliser

    The addition of nutrients and a healthy, fertile soil is essential to maintain or improve farm productivity. It's important to get the balance of nutrients right for both farm profitability and the environment.

  • Farm Enviro Walk

    The Farm Enviro Walk is an easy to use tool which farmers can use to quickly identify areas of risk and better manage compliance on an increasingly important part of the farming operation.

  • Nutrient Management Case Studies

    To pick up some ideas on where you may be able to use your nutrients more effectively here are some examples from farmers from across the country who are managing their nutrients in a variety of ways in order to become more efficient.

  • Riparian planting


    Well managed waterways on farm has benefits for the farm, the water quality and the broader environment. Find out how to manage waterways here.