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Adverse Events

Information to help you overcome and prepare for adverse events including drought, storms and flooding, power outages and more.

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  • Flood


    Information and strategies to help you overcome the aftermath of flooding.

  • Cows grazing swedes

    Southland swedes - Advisory updates

    Across Southland, a number of cases of cows becoming ill, and in some cases dying, while (or shortly after) grazing on swede crops have been reported. Read the latest updates here.

  • Drought

    South Island Dry Summer

    We have gathered a list of questions asked by farmers affected by the dry/drought conditions in the Canterbury/North Otago area and answered them here.

  • Snow

    Heavy Snow

    Information and advice about dealing with heavy snow conditions on farm.

  • Storm


    Find out how to lessen the immediate impact of storms here...

  • Drought


    Droughts can occur almost anywhere across New Zealand. Find out what to do during the drought and after the drought breaks...

  • Earthquake


    Earthquakes come out of the blue and can result in considerable damage and disruptions to farm businesses.

  • Power Outages

    Power outages can have significant impact on farm infrastructure. Find out what to do if a power outage strikes your farm here.

  • Managing people

    Managing Stressed People

    An adverse event which threatens life or safety, such as an earthquake or flood can have a profound impact on the people involved. Find out about managing stressed people here.

  • Managing Stressed Stock

    Large scale disasters can come in many forms however their effects on livestock are often very similar. Here are some general precautions which apply to most situations.

  • Missed Milkings

    Power cuts can mean that some milkings will be missed, but cows are resilient. DairyNZ research has shown that delays of up to a week can be tolerated by mid-lactation herds.

  • Flood

    Crisis Priority Checklist

    What are your immediate, top priorities in a crisis? You may not have time to search the web in a crisis situation, so print this out now and put it somewhere handy.

  • Milking plant

    Milk Disposal

    You may be in a position where your milk may need to be disposed of on your farm. Find out about your options here.

  • Volcanic eruption

    Volcanic Eruption

    In the event of a volcanic eruption farmers need to be aware of the risks to animals from ash - particularly at-risk are hungry animals grazing short pastures.