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System Type: 3
Last Update:
14 October 2016

DairyNZ Comment:

14 Oct 2016
  • Some fine days at last, gives everything a lift and an opportunity to get some silage made and cultivation started on drier soils. It will take some time for Contractors to “catch up” and they will be under significant pressure to clear the work. If you cannot get a contractor on farm, deferred grazing could be considered as a management tool to help maintain quality over the rest of the farm.

    Cycling cows have been a bit slow over the period of poor weather but has picked up in the last week or so, albeit a bit variable. Cows have had weaker signs of heat, so extra vigilance with heat detection is important, spending more time on paddock checks, training staff, accurate recording and touching up tail paint will be time well spent.

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  • Date Collected

    14 Oct 2016

  • Soil temp


  • Growth

    73 kgs DM/day

  • APC

    2433 kgs DM/ha

  • Rainfall

    12 mm

  • BCS


  • % in milk

    100 %

  • MS/cow

    1.92 kgs

  • MS/ha

    5.39 kgs

  • MS/ha YTD

    330 kgs

  • Rotation

    25 days

  • MS/cow YTD

    - kgs

  • Nitrogen YTD

    - kgs/ha

  • Supplements

    - kgs/cow/day

  • Supplements YTD

    - kgs/cow/day

  • Weight Gain

    - kgs/day

  • Stocking Rate

    - su/ha

  • Crude Protein Level


  • MJME