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Are you financially savvy with the ability to make sound financial decisions?

The challenge of running a business is being able to make decisions which ultimately shape where you will end up. The more educated and informed your decision-making, the better.

Profitable farmers are often lifelong learners. Top farmers don't necessarily have formal qualifications but are farmers who value learning and attend conferences, short-courses, discussion groups and seminars.

  • If you are keen to improve your financial skills with the flexibility of learning at home, try the Career Pathways tool or Money Management Basics to help get you started.
  • Primary ITO, polytechnic institutes and universities offer agribusiness and farm management training that will help you to succeed in farming. For more information on training providers see below.
  • Interested in workshops or discussion groups that aim to improve your financial skills and understanding? The following DairyNZ initiatives may help:
  • Take advantage of the rural professionals who support your business: i.e. rural bankers, farm consultantsaccountantsveterinarians and company representatives (e.g. fertiliser reps). Having a good team around you providing you with information about the current farming situation is invaluable for your business.

Training Providers



How profitable is your business?

Want to know how profitable your farm is and compare to others? Calculate your Operating Profit, or contact DairyBase to find out more about financial analysis for your farm business and benchmarking.