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  • Tight Times
    Cost-effective expenditure will drive profitability

    30 January 2015

    In response to the low milk price, DairyNZ is pulling together research, data and lessons learned from similar seasons to help farmers prepare for 2015/16.

  • Planting a winner - how to protect farm waterways

    30 January 2015

    How to get the best results from planting waterways and avoid the common pitfalls will be the focus of a DairyNZ and Tatua field day on February 13 at the Tatua farm in Tatuanui.

  • Initiative offers free cow condition assessments

    29 January 2015

    Northland herds have the opportunity this season to be part of the DairyNZ body condition score (BCS) initiative which will see certified BCS assessors provide free body condition score assessments.

  • Dairy conversions
    Dairy conversions - getting it right from the start

    23 January 2015

    Farmers contemplating a land use conversion to dairying can get a new online environmental ‘how to’ planning guide to help ensure any new farm meets the industry’s standards.

  • Economists to discuss challenges of feeding a growing planet

    20 January 2015

    A world perspective on the short and long run impacts of food price changes on poverty will be up for discussion at a major international economics conference in Rotorua next month.

  • Best dairy pastures picked

    19 January 2015

    Winners of a competition to identify the Waikato and Bay of Plenty’s best new and renewed dairy pastures will host field days at their properties in late January.

  • Dry summer
    Dry soil conditions put DairyNZ on alert to boost support

    14 January 2015

    DairyNZ is closely monitoring the soil moisture and feed levels in all regions in case it needs to quickly ramp up support for farmers having a dry summer.

  • Swedes
    Early testing complete on swedes study

    23 December 2014

    Early animal testing completed as DairyNZ moves forward on swedes study.

  • Water Accord update
    'One Year On' - Water Accord report released

    11 December 2014

    A report on the first year of operation of the Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord has been released showing there has been good progress on key environmental actions including stock exclusion from waterways, effluent and riparian management and accreditation of expert advisers.

  • Farmers will need tactics and supportive suppliers

    10 December 2014

    The drop in Fonterra’s forecast Farmgate Milk Price for the 2014/15 dairy farming season to $4.70 from $5.30 will test dairy farmers, and industry body DairyNZ is offering them some advice on tactics to cope with the challenging times ahead.

  • Far North Partner Farm builds momentum

    09 December 2014

    With history on its side, a new Northland focus farm near Kaitaia is going to be a valuable asset to local dairy farmers.

  • Emerging plantain pests

    08 December 2014

    Plantain is a relatively new crop and some insects previously considered irrelevant in agricultural systems have emerged as significant pests for it.

  • New Zealand Dairy Industry Statistics
    2013-14 dairy season one of the best

    05 December 2014

    Good grass growth, high production and a record payout will see many of New Zealand's dairy farmers look back on the 2013-2014 season as one of the best in history - and now the statistics prove it.

  • Cow in field
    Dairy industry animal database goes live

    05 December 2014

    The transfer of the Dairy Core Database from farmer owned co-operative LIC to industry body DairyNZ has been completed and is now part of a new Dairy Industry Good Animal Database (DIGAD).