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Nutrient management deals with the financial, environmental and social effect of nutrients that continually cycle through the soil, plant and animal systems on a farm.

Why is nutrient management important?

The way a farmer manages their nutrients has a big impact on profitability. Profitability in relationship to nutrient management includes aspects such as:

  • Effective use of fertiliser inputs.
  • Effective use of effluent as a nutrient source.
  • Soil fertility impact on land values.
  • The ability to grow the business.
  • Leaving the farm in good shape for future generations.

Taking soil samples for testing

Taking soil samples for testing 

Farmers are responsible stewards of the land - managing their resources well makes good sense.

  • Like all New Zealanders, farmers wish to enjoy their natural environment.
  • Farmers want to be respected by their peers, by their friends in town, and by the general public.
  • As a collective, farmers want to leave the catchment in good shape for the future.

Nutrient Management Case Studies:

To pick up some ideas on where you may be able to use your nutrients more effectively here are some examples from farmers from across the country who are managing their nutrients in a variety of ways in order to become more efficient:

For more information on ‘getting more from less’ in the area of nutrient management read our April 2011 edition of Inside Dairy.

Here you will find a practical guide to sustainable nutrient management, which combines information to help farmers meet the requirements of environmental regulations, while helping lift farm productivity by improving the efficiency of nutrient use.

Read more in:

Farm Enviro Walk

To help you see if you have the balance right on your farm you can carry out an environmental health check using the DairyNZ Farm Enviro Walk.

What is a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP)?

A written plan that identifies current farm nutrient management practice, outlines goals for the future (e.g. environmental and productivity) and sets out clear pathways for meeting these goals.

For more information:

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