Droughts can occur almost anywhere across New Zealand. Find out what to do during the drought and after the drought breaks...


Earthquakes come out of the blue and can result in considerable damage and disruptions to farm businesses...


Storm warnings give farmers the opportunity to batten down the hatches and reduce damage to buildings, stock and people. Find out more about how to lessen the immediate impact and recover from a significant storm...

Managing Stressed People

An event which threatens life or safety, such as an earthquake or flood, can have a profound impact on the people involved and people cope with stress in many different ways...

Missed Milkings

Power cuts will probably mean that some milkings will be missed, but cows are resilient.   DairyNZ research has shown that delays of up to a week can be tolerated by mid-lactation herds, and with careful handling they can return to full or near-full milk production...

Milk Disposal

At certain times of the year, it is possible that milk will have to be disposed of. Under no circumstances should milk reach waterways. The choices of milk disposal include...


The effects of flooding can be devastating on a farm business. Knowing what to do will reduce the immediate impact of the flood and planning strategies to deal with the aftermath will allow for a quicker recovery...

Heavy Snow

Bouts of heavy snow are hard physically and emotionally on farming families and staff as they worked in freezing conditions. Find out more about dealing with these and other problems...

Power Outages

Storms, floods, heavy snow, slips, fallen trees, lightning strikes on transformers, washed out bridges, and even vehicles hitting poles can all cause power and phone outages... 

Managing Stressed Stock

In general terms large scale disasters can come in many forms, volcanic, earthquake, flooding etc.  The effects on livestock are often very similar and some general precautions apply to most situations...


Crisis Priority Checklist

A checklist of the immediate, top priorities in a crisis.

Volcanic Eruption

In the event of a volcanic eruption farmers need to be aware of the risks to animals from ash - particularly at-risk are hungry animals grazing short pastures...
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