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Published: 01 Apr 2014

Technical Series April 2014


  • Achieving wintering system
  • Feeding for condition score gain
  • The effects of stand-off surfaces
  • Coldness as a welfare concern
  • Science snapshots

Published: 01 Feb 2014

Technical Series February 2014


  • What is Theileriosis?
  • The spread of Theileria orientalis Ikeda
  • Tick biology drives infestation
  • Managing Theileriosis on-farm
  • Managing the disease - what next?
  • What does measuring mRNA tell us?
  • Focus on international research

Published: 01 Dec 2013



  • Mastitis in dairy cows causes significant losses on every farm in New
  • Factors affecting Streptococcus uberis mastitis
  • Genetic markers of mastitis resistance
  • Pills, potions and powders in mastitis management
  • Identifying mastitis pathogens using polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • Delving into DNA
  • Focus on international research

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Published: 01 Oct 2013

Technical Series October 2013


  • What are animal welfare indicators?
  • Three domains for animal welfare assessment
  • Spotlight on body condition score
  • BCS 5: optimum for profit, optimum for welfare
  • Keeping cows cool
  • Painful procedures and use of pain relief
  • The relationship between stock handlers and cows


Published: 01 Aug 2013

Technical Series August 2013


  • Subclinical endometritis in New Zealand dairy cows
  • Subclinical endometritis causes poor repro performance
  • Counting the cost and treatment
  • Identifying subclinical endometritis on the farm
  • Research snippets
  • Improving herd fertility
  • Focus on international research


Published: 01 Jun 2013

DairyNZ Technical Series June 2013


  • In this issue of Technical Series…
  • Early lactation milking affects season’s production
  • Once-daily milking during a feed shortage in early lactation
  • Supplements and thrice-daily milking during extended lactations
  • Recently published by DairyNZ
  • Delving into DNA
  • Focus on international research


Published: 01 Apr 2013

Technical Series April 2013


  • Introduction
  • Measuring residual feed intake in heifer calves
  • Efficient calves are efficient cows
  • Predicting residual feed intake of lactating cows
  • Advances in identifying cows with superior feed conversion efficiency – the Australian story
  • Residual feed intake brings potential to lift feed conversion efficiency
  • Recently published by DairyNZ
  • Focus on international research

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Published: 01 Feb 2013

Techincal Series February 2013


  • Dairy systems for environmental protection
  • High BW cows are more N efficient
  • Pasture diversity
  • Strategies to reduce nitrogen leaching
  • Recently published by DairyNZ
  • Delving into DNA
  • Focus on international research


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