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Disciplinary Process

Sometimes you will need to address misconduct or repeated poor performance. The disciplinary process is about following a fair and reasonable process with your employee to try to correct misconduct or poor performance in an employee. Occasionally the behaviour will be serious enough to warrant disciplinary action or dismissal.

Getting started

  • Raise any concerns about performance with your employee as soon as you can. Poor performance rarely needs to turn into a disciplinary process. Learn more here
  • Misconduct or serious misconduct always needs to be investigated thoroughly before a decision is reached. Learn more here
  • Ensure you conduct a legally full and fair investigation into any misconduct. Learn more here

Remember to...

  • Act in a fair and reasonable manner during disciplinary situations. You must have a good reason for taking disciplinary action and you must follow a fair process in investigating and implementing any decisions.
  • The most common type of disciplinary action is a warning. In most cases several warnings about the same situation must be given before dismissal would be seen as fair and reasonable.
  • Be sure to follow thorough processes and document discussions, investigations and warnings. Continue to act in good faith in all dealings with your employee.
  • Seek legal advice before acting to dismiss an employee.
  • Ignoring an issue won't make it go away and everyone needs to know where they stand.

Quick Questions & Answers


Making hasty decisions is a risk, take enough time to think it through and get advice.


Too often, as farmers we have a very clear idea in our head about what we want, but we are not always the best at explaining that to whoever we are getting to do the job. I always tell my staff, if you don’t understand me, just ask again – I have never bollocked anyone for asking me to explain things again!” Bill Gribble