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  • Canterbury Environmental Policy

    All farmers will be required to comply with nutrient loss targets over the next years. Environment Canterbury has started a project estimating nutrient losses under good management practice. DairyNZ will work with farmers to ensure that targets are practical and science-informed.

  • Riparian planting

    Canterbury Sustainable Milk Plans

    DairyNZ’s Sustainable Milk Plan has been approved by Environment Canterbury as a farm environment plan that meets the regulatory requirements of the Land & Water Regional Plan.

  • Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord

    This Water Accord is a new, broader and more comprehensive commitment than the previous Clean Streams Accord that ended in 2012. It includes commitments to targeted riparian planting plans, effluent management, comprehensive standards for new dairy farms and measures to improve the efficiency of water and nutrient use on farms.

  • Upper Waikato Sustainable Milk Project

    The Upper Waikato Sustainable Milk Project is the largest environmental good-practice project ever undertaken by the dairy industry. The project allows for free, one-one-one advice and support to be delivered to 700 farms in the catchment.

  • Variation 6

    Variation 6 (water allocation) of the Waikato Regional Plan introduces a set of rules governing the way that ground and surface water is taken and used across the Waikato region.

  • Healthy Rivers

    Waikato Environmental Policy

    Farmers now have the chance to get involved in Waikato Regional Council’s change to its regional plan. The goal of the 'Healthy Rivers Plan for Change' is to improve water quality in the Waikato River. The plan change will set policies and rules for water quality, and ways to better manage nutrients and sediment losses.

  • Lake Rerewhakaatiu

    Bay of Plenty Policy

    The Bay of Plenty region is beginning a collaborative process for water quality limit-setting in 2014/15.

  • Hauraki Gulf


    How we manage the Hauraki Gulf is the subject of a new planning process called Sea Change - Tai Timu Tai Pari.