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Dairy Industry Strategy

DairyNZ, in partnership with Federated Farmers (Dairy), the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, and the Dairy Women's Network, has released a new dairy farming strategy to ensure the future long-term success of dairy farming.

Making Dairy Farming Work for Everyone
Strategy for Sustainable Dairy Farming 2013-2020

Dairy farming needs to be sustainable economically, environmentally and in terms of how it affects people and communities. Dairy farming needs to be seen to work for all New Zealanders. The new strategy is shaped around dairy farming being both competitive and responsible.

The new strategy is important because:

  • It establishes the priorities for collective action in the dairy industry
  • It guides how DairyNZ will invest the milksolids levy
  • It can help the wider New Zealand public understand more about the industry and its long term goals.

The industry is reporting annually on progress against its targets and objectives. Read the full version of the Strategy Scorecard here.

Strategy information

The framework and industry objectives to achieve this are shown below.

Dairy Animal Database

DairyNZ and LIC have reached agreement for the transfer of the Core Database to the Dairy Industry Good Animal Database. Find out more...


Order or download the strategy, background supplement and Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord below...