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What's New

We have consolidated all of our farmer focused websites into one, so now farmers only have to go to one place for all DairyNZ information.

The websites that have been brought together are: dairynz.co.nz, smartsamm.co.nz, milksmart.co.nz, peoplesmart.co.nz, nzael.co.nz, dairynzfvi.co.nz, southernlocal.co.nz and dairybase.co.nz.


A big change is the navigation structure. If you hover your mouse over the main menu items on the left, the sub-menu items will fly out. The arrow indicates that there are sub-menu items under that topic. This structure allows you to get to pages without multiple clicks.

The navigation is organised around the subject areas and all the content is related to this single navigation structure. We no longer have a separate navigation for Publications and Farm Facts, these now can be found in their respective content areas.


There still is a Publications listing that is found in the Global Links section below the main menu items. (See image below)

Breadcrumb trail

To easily navigate back up the menu structure, there is a breadcrumb trail that shows you where in the navigation menu you are, and by clicking on a heading, it allows you to jump straight to that page in the menu. (see gallery above).

Another way to get straight to the home page is to click on the DairyNZ logo at the top of the navigation menu.


Another navigation aid is tags. Pages that share the same topic have been tagged (with a keyword descriptor), this allows you to click on that tag and you get to see all the other related pages in the website that share the same tag.

Responsive Design

A big change is that this website is responsive. This means it will alter its layout according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on, making it both tablet and mobile friendly.

The small icon in the bottom left corner indicates that this is an image gallery, so there is more than one image to view when you click on it.


A new feature is the filter function. This allows you to filter a list of items so you can customise the the selection that you wish to view. Just click on the button to select or de-select. The teal colour indicates selected and the grey, unselected.

Expand/Collapse Menu

Some pages now feature an expand/collapse menu. This allows you to view all the page’s topic headings in a condensed view. To access the topic detail, you click on the + and to hide the detail, click on the - . You can test it out using example below...

Add Event to Calendar

A handy new feature in our Events pages is you now have the ability to add an event to your Outlook calendar with the click of a button.

Tell us what you think

We want to create the best dairy website we can, so your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions for improvement visit our feedback page and let us know what you think.