Areas of work

The following issues are currently under action by the DairyNZ Advocacy and Policy team.

Resource Management Act and Freshwater Reform 2013

DairyNZ has been an active participant in the government's Land and Water Forum and the processes leading up to the government's proposed reforms for freshwater management.

Effluent compliance and nutrient management

DairyNZ has policy representation on working groups with Horizons, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury Regional Councils. The primary aim of these working groups is to improve effluent compliance and to investigate policy and on-farm options for managing nutrients on farm.

Animal welfare

DairyNZ supports animal welfare policy development processes and decisions which are supported by sound science and can be practically implemented on dairy farms. We work closely with Government to help decision makers make science based decisions which reflect the animal husbandry and welfare practices being implemented on dairy farms.

TB control

Dairy farmers make a significant investment in TB control and the bovine TB National Pest Management Plan remains the single largest investment from the DairyNZ levy). DairyNZ has been closely involved in a review of the current Plan. A new plan is to come into effect on 1 July 2016.

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

DairyNZ supports a transition to a low emissions global economy, and we recognise the dairy industry has a responsibility to contribute to global emissions reduction efforts. We are actively working with Government and the broader agricultural industry to examine what steps can be undertake over the longer term to address our carbon footprint. DairyNZ assists decision makers develop policies, regulations and commitments by providing expert advice and by advising them on what is practically possible on dairy farms.