Introducing Blade

Introducing Blade, our new seasonal spokesperson (spokesgrass) tasked with ensuring you have access to the right information at the right time. 

He was selected for the role based on his pedigree - high quality pasture is at the heart of dairy farming in New Zealand, it provides the least expensive feed for dairy cows and remains the foundation of our farm businesses.

Not all his messages will be about grass - he will cover other topics - but grass gives us our competitive edge in New Zealand so it made sense to select Blade as our ambassador.

Why now?

During our Touching Base Visits, where we visited dairy farmers nationwide, we found not all farmers were aware of the kinds of resources that were available. Blade is designed to help increase DairyNZ’s reach across a range of channels so that all levy-payers have access to tools and resources.  

Where will you see him?

Blade is designed to get cut through and transfers well to online forms of communication as well as print. You’ll first see him this autumn. Autumn is the perfect time to review the farm business, especially now when lessons learned from a low milk price period can help inform planning to ensure long-term success, no matter what happens in the future.

Whenever you see Blade you can trust that the information he delivers is from DairyNZ and is evidence-based and tested.

For access to relevant tools for this autumn period click here.