Storm warnings give farmers the opportunity to batten down the hatches and reduce damage to buildings, stock and people.

Before the storm

  • Designate family or staff to secure homes, then farm buildings
  • Shift stock to a sheltered, secure area away from trees or buildings
  • Store or tie down anything that might blow away
  • Turn off gas appliances and tanks
  • Turn off electric power to avoid surges
  • Park machinery well away from buildings and trees that may blow over
  • Have tarpaulins, plastic covers and ropes ready
  • Tune in to the local radio station.

Once the worst is over

  • Check family, staff and neighbours
  • Check and secure stock. Ensure they have enough water
  • Check power and phone and report faults
  • If the power is out, look for trees over lines, fallen poles. Treat all lines as live
  • Check and secure farm buildings
  • Check and clear races and road access. Report problems.
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