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DairyBase offers you a way to keep track of your farms physical and financial performance. Data is collected annually either by you sending in the completed questionnaires or with the help of the DairyNZ Farm Performance team.

The Level 1 questionnaire describes your farm business.

The Level 2 questionnaire goes into more detail about your farm's physical performance including; pasture and crop harvested, fertiliser, reproduction, and stock records.

Once we have your physical report complete, we will then analyse this against your financial information. You can send your financials to us yourself or our admin team will request them from your accountant. Following receipt of your financials you will then receive a financial report detailing your farms' financial performance, benchmarked against similar farms.

Step 1 - Getting started with a farm business description

You’ll need to complete a Level 1 physical questionnaire to provide background information about your business. The form needs to be updated each year – around June to July is best.

A list of suggested documents to help you collect the information you need to complete the description is in the Level 1 resource checklist.

You can either:

  • Save this form to your computer and once completed email it to info@dairybase.co.nz, or
  • print it off, fill it in by hand, and send it in the post to DairyBase, DairyNZ, Private Bag 3221, Hamilton 3240.

We will also attempt to contact you to collect this information each season over the phone and/or by email. If you would like to organise a phone call with a data collector please email us at info@dairybase.co.nz or call us on 07 858 3890.

Step 2 - Time to analyse the farm business

For a detailed analysis to take place more specific information will need to be collected. This could include financial information and physical detail information depending on what you want analysed. A Level 2 physical questionnaire will need to be completed.

The resource checklist below is a summary of suggested documents needed to collect the physical detail data.

To make it easier, you can record information throughout the year with a DairyBase Physical Recording Workbook. There is also an accompanying calendar that you can hang up in your shed to record key information throughout the year. If you are a DairyBase farmer, these can be posted out to you at no charge. Just email info@dairybase.co.nz confirming the address you would like them sent to.

Contact DairyBase

Phone: 07 858 3890
Email: info@dairybase.co.nz

Last updated: Sep 2023

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