Tipping point calculator

If you are thinking about putting in a stand-off pad or are interested in improving cow comfort on your current pad, the DairyNZ off paddock calculator can help you.

Enter your projected pad use and calculate your pad tipping point, the point at which cow behaviour will change and lying time reduces.

Your farm

Research shows that the tipping point is when the moisture content of the woodchip lying surface reaches 70 – 75% moisture. The moisture surface increases with the number of cows, the length of time cows are on the pad, the space the cows have and the average rain fall. Find out more about the effects of moisture content.

Reduced lying times lead to poor welfare, increased lameness and reduction in feeding when returning to pasture. Cows will choose to lie down rather than graze, which leads to a drop in body condition.

You can lengthen the time it takes to reach the tipping point by altering some management factors. See the effect on the tipping point by reducing the number of hours the cows are on the pad each day and reduce the total number of days per year. If this is possible within your system, then cows will maintain lying times for longer.

If you are not able to change the number of hours per day, or days per year the following solutions are available: