Regional Teams

The DairyNZ regional teams work in the field with farmers to help them become more successful.

Through discussion group activity and events, they take knowledge created by the DairyNZ research and development teams out to farmers as well as facilitating the sharing of farmer know-how. The regional teams also provide a strong network to the dairy farming community which connects DairyNZ with farmers and helps to ensure that DairyNZ activity is aligned with farmer need.

Regional Focus

The teams are grouped into regions and each region has its own plan that defines the regional objectives and ensuing range of activities. These plans are determined by input from local farmers, rural professionals and DairyNZ staff. This approach ensures that the work the local teams do is targeted at areas which are most relevant to a particular region. Find out more here.

Discussion Groups

Around 1,700 discussion groups occur each year and these often involve a range of local and national expertise. These are all about providing insights into new ways of doing things, sharing farmer knowledge and giving farmers the inspiration and confidence to implement new practices. Find out more here.

Find contact details for your local teams below.

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