Biz Start Event - Amberley

Are you a dairy employee at manager or assistant manager level who is looking to progress in the dairy industry?

Are you progressing your career in the industry and going self-employed or into a higher management role in the next couple of seasons?

If you want to:

  • Build a business with skill and resilience
  • Meet a group of like-minded people
  • Learn from those who have built successful businesses
  • Meet inspirational, positive, and supportive people

Then this Biz Start event is for you!

Biz Start:
For dairy employees at manager or assistant manager level, who are looking to progress in the dairy industry and become self-employed in the next couple of seasons.

These events build business skills to equip you for senior level management positions, and owning or running your own farming business.

If you have a partner, we encourage you to both participate in the course as a couple if possible.

How the Biz Start events will run this season:
These events are replacing the traditional closed Biz Start groups. We intend to run day events in four areas, holding three sessions throughout the season. These will be in October, Dec/Jan, and Feb/March.

Each event going ahead depends on numbers, so register early and encourage others in your area to register too!

Farmers and rural professionals will be brought in for particular topics where relevant, with an emphasis on discussion between the guests and the group.

Register here for this October event!

Registrations close on Wednesday 10 October.

Future sessions:

  • Dec/Jan: Business Structures and Taxation, Personal and Business Budgeting
  • Feb/March: People Recruitment, Human Resourcing, and People Management

The October events will focus on:

Goal setting – Developed using experience from 10+ years of Mark and Measure seminars, this helps you to develop a strategic plan using example vision statements and actions to create your own planning wheel.

Interviews and CV's – If you have a recent CV and covering letter, bring them along. This is a good chance to get some feedback on what you have and get some more ideas on improving it. We will be talking about interviews and CVs with our guest speaker.

Due diligence - We will look at how you define your criteria for choosing a job, and have a go at assessing a job both financially and for whether it suits your own goals and values.

Event Details