Progression Groups in Canterbury for 2019/20

Make a difference to your dairying career by joining a Biz Group for expert advice and networking opportunities.

Do you want to:

  • Build a business with skill and resilience
  • Meet a group of like-minded people
  • Learn from those who have built successful businesses
  • Meet inspirational, positive and supportive people

Then a DairyNZ Progression Group is for you!

This season we are looking to run a Biz Grow Group in Dunsandel and a Biz Pro group in either Dunsandel or Ashburton.

Registrations close Monday 2 September. Register here!

Biz Grow - Dunsandel
For contract milking, LOSM and hybrid contracts, the course provides you the opportunity to get together with your peers and discuss the current situation while discovering how to build business resilience.

Learn to develop your strategic, financial and performance management skills and discover resources to equip you for continuing to grow in the dairy industry. Sharing budgets vs actuals will be a focus of this group for the 18/19 season, as well as hearing from farmers who are good at picking opportunities and setting up resilient farm businesses.

Biz Pro - Dunsandel or Ashburton

For herd owning sharemilkers and equity partners, providing a platform to get together with your peers, discussing the current situation and focusing on financials in depth for the season.

Biz Pro brings like-minded businesses together to compare strategies for making the best of the 19/20 season! Sharing budgets vs actuals will be a focus of this group, as well as hearing from farmers who are good at picking opportunities and are continuously improving their business resilience.

How the groups will run

The courses will start in October, with 6-8 meetings being held during the season, running for 2 hours each. Each course has a limited membership of 30, which is closed once the course starts.

The running of the courses depends on interest, so register early and encourage others in your area to do so as well.

By joining up to the course, you are committing to regular attendance and contribution. For Biz Groups, a key part of being in the group is that you agree to bring along your budget and actuals to the sessions where it is relevant, to share with the group.

Farmers and rural professionals will be brought in for particular topics, with an emphasis on discussion between the guests and the group.

Read what farmers who have attended Progression Groups have to say here.

What's happening with Biz Start this season?

We will be running these as we did last season, with 3 day long courses at strategic times of the season on key topics. This will likely be advertised in early September, so look out for more details then.

Biz Start is for dairy employees at manager or assistant manager level, who are looking to progress in the dairy industry and become self-employed in the next couple of seasons.

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