Ready for Mating? Ashburton Meeting

Preparedness is key!

Reproductive performance, one of the main focus areas for farmers in the region, has been a constant challenge in the district over the last few seasons, so preparedness is key!

Meetings held in four different locations will cover:

  • The latest information and research: Vanessa Robinson, from the DairyNZ Feed & Animal team and with a background in reproduction, will be sharing recent developments in reproductive research
  • A local case study: Hear from a local farmer and their vet Reon McMurtrie from Vetlife (an InCalf trained adviser) about how they achieve consistently good reproductive performance or have gone about improving their farm's performance
  • Heat detection: Being a key area of a successful mating, we will include a section on heat detection and preparing yourself and the whole team for mating

There will be something for everyone in the team, from key decision makers to junior staff, so don't miss out!

All meetings 10.30am - 1.00pm followed by a BBQ lunch thanks to Farm Source Ashburton. Indoor venue details will be sent out when you register.

Register you and your team here now!

Event Details