Spring Rotation Planner Workshop - North Otago (Awamoko)

Are you set up for Spring?

If you haven't been before, don't miss this workshop using the standard excel spring rotation planner...

Get to grips with developing and implementing a Spring Pasture Plan for your farm.

This will help you to:

  • Highlight your feed situation and take action on how to address it
  • Help with grazing management and feed allocation for the spring period
  • Share strategies with other farmers on how to practically implement a plan for this coming spring

Registering is essential, and spaces are limited.

To get the most out of this workshop, you should be the person on your farm making and implementing this plan over spring.

The workshop runs from 12:45pm - 3:30pm.

The venue and information you’re required to bring will be confirmed upon registration.

Register now!

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