'Farm Systems of the Future' Field day - Alderbrook Karetu Farm

Inspiring high performance and low footprint on-farm

Alderbrook Farms Limited is a family operated business that includes 2 dairy farms and 3 dairy support blocks located in the Selwyn catchment. The farms are efficiently run with a focus on low cost, high profit and a long-term vision of family succession.

Despite the business achieving the 30% N loss reduction target from the baseline period by 2022, Karetu farm has not reduced N loss from the baseline period. The options available to reduce N leaching without affecting profit or changing the production system significantly are limited. 

At this field day we will discuss:

  • The overall management of the farm
  • Modelled mitigation options to achieve the required N loss target and their impact on profitability
  • An analysis and discussion of the possible role of “composting barns” on this farm to reduce environmental footprint

It will be an interactive day with good supporting data and relevant expertise on the day to discuss these topics.

Event Details