'Farm Systems of the Future' Field Day - Kintore Farm

Inspiring high performance and low footprint on-farm

Kintore is a profitable business that focuses on making decisions that improves the lives of the people, animals and business, that minimises the impact on the environment, doing the right things sustainably. 

Kintore Farm operates two dairy units totalling 480 ha (450 effective hectares), producing around 1,740 kg MS/ha. 

Key areas to be covered on the day:

  • Discussion around Kintore’s farming operation and business
  • Current management that they are implementing on their farms
  • Understanding the drivers of N leaching in your system
  • Hear from Phillipa Hedley (DairyNZ), about scenarios that have been modelled for the farm to reduce footprint and its influence on profitability
  • What other partner farms are doing in the region to improve efficiency and lower footprint.

Current management focuses on farm:

  • Improving irrigation infrastructure and efficiency
  • Strategically reducing nitrogen fertiliser
  • Seasonal stocking rate management.

Finishing with a BBQ lunch thanks to RuralCo.

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