FeedRight Workshop Lincoln

We are now able to hold FeedRight workshops again and the next one will be held in Canterbury


Workshop 1 (Transition Period and Early Lactation)

Lincoln: 10th and 11th December 2020


FeedRight training key learning objectives:

  • understanding of dairy cow nutrition and feed management in pasture-based systems
  • knowledge and use of relevant and evidence-based resources and information
  • capability to help farmers make informed decisions regarding dairy cow feed management and nutrition

The FeedRight course includes:

  • one e-learning module assessment: Dairy Nutrition Principles and Theory for grazing systems
  • two practical 2-day workshops
    • Workshop 1:Transition Period and Early Lactation
    • Workshop 2: Mid and Late Lactation and Dry Period (Dates will be confirmed at workshop 1 to ensure participants can attend.)
  • Course cost is $750.00 incl GST:
  • This cost covers the online module and workshops 1 and 2.

If you would like to participate in the FeedRight Canterbury workshop please register  here as soon as possible.

Spaces on the workshop are limited!

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