Hurunui Discussion Group - November

At the first Hurunui group for the 2019/20 season, we will be at Kinloch which is managed by Sacha McDougall.

Kinloch is 121 ha (effective) dairy farm, milking 390 cows through a 30-aside herringbone shed, while also wintering all cows on the platform over winter.

The system is pasture based, with 9 ha of Fodder Beet grown on the platform for wintering and a small amount of additional supplement being brought in. 

At the start of last season, the farm system was reduced from a system 4 to a system 2 (9% supplement brought in). This change was able to happen due to a reduction in the cost structure of the farm system, increasing the reliance of the farm business.

  • How is the season going so far - any challenges?
  • What changes were made at Kinloch to reduce the costs in the farm system? What are some other opportunities to reduce farm working expenses?
  • Summer planning

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

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