Oxford/Rangiora combined Discussion Group - December

East Dairy is one of three dairy farms owned by Claxby Estate, the Spencer-Bower Family.

It is managed by Will Gard and his team while being overseen by Sam Spencer-Bower, peak milking 1025 cows on the 318 ha (effective) platform. It is run in conjunction with the 425ha runoff that supports all three dairy farms owned by Claxby Estate. 

This season they are working towards reducing their nitrogen use down towards 190 kg N/ha and are fine tuning the use of supplements. Currently they are annually feeding the cows around 600 kgDM/cow of supplement throughout the season (approximately 100kg of pasture silage harvested off platform) and 250kgDM/cow of fodder beet grown on the platform. 

They have also been focusing on their people on farm and have been running a 5:2 roster for a few seasons and this will continue to be an ongoing focus, both for progression of their team but also ensuring time-off is taken.

 Come along and hear about the farming system that Will manages, how mating is going and what genetics people are using to improve efficiencies and how people are managing their teams leading into Christmas and new year’s.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

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