Resilience during adversity field day - December

Let’s face it, farming comes with challenges thrown at us left, right and centre.

Resilience is key and there are systems that can be put in place to help overcome adversity.

Come along to this ‘special edition’ field day at John and Michelle O’Connell’s farm in Eiffelton to hear him and others talk about their experiences and how you can be prepared for adversity. 

John will draw on his experiences, and how he turned things around after a tough time being impacted by M. bovis. He will discuss the systems he put in place for how he farms now, to help them be prepared for future adverse events, whether it’s a biosecurity incursion or drought. 

South Canterbury farmer John Gregan will also talk about strategies to overcome adversity and keep thriving on farm.

Hear Frances Beeston from the Rural Support Trust talking on resilience in tough times

Stay for a BBQ lunch.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

Event Details