Soil Nutrient Management in Dairy Farm Systems field day - Methven

These two commercial dairy farms in the local community have managed to lower their nitrogen fertiliser inputs and reduced N leaching, achieving efficiencies whilst also running a profitable business. This is a day more for the local farming community.

Backtrack Farm has been part of a five-year project comparing a conventional fertilization system with a biological one (Kinsey- Albrecht). Two dairy farms run side by side have been applying the two nutrient management systems under similar management. A range of KPIs have been collated over the years (physical and financial) and this year soil measurements were also undertaken to identify any differences in soil characteristics and nitrate concentrations.

  • Key findings, learnings and farmer reflections over the 5 years involved in the project
  • What are the soil measurements taken during the season telling us?
  • An update from DairyNZ on the Partner Farm Network under the Meeting a Sustainable Future – Selwyn and Hinds project about what other farms are doing in the region

There'll be morning tea when you arrive, and we'll kick off at 10.30am finishing with a BBQ lunch.

We are very keen to get DairyNZ local discussion groups happening in the Methven area. In order for this to happen we need farmers willing to take up the opportunity to have others on their farm. The groups can be topic specific and are an avenue for discussion on topics relevant to hosts farms, be it showcasing something done well or desiring feedback, time of year, and industry relevant discussion. Please, if you have any interest in hosting a group, let Stuart Moorhouse know.

Protect our Industry – please arrive with clean boots & trucks to reduce the risk of spreading disease, pest or weeds.

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