Central Hawkes Bay MilkSmart - November

50% of our time is spent in the Dairy Shed - join us to see how we can increase efficiency!

MilkSmart is all about increasing milking efficiecncy on the farm, resulting in benefits for farm staff and the cows. 

We have milking efficiency expert Josh Wheeler joining us to talk about our current milking performance and give practical solutions to improve efficiency. This is a topic for everyone on farm, so please bring your whole farm team

We will cover:

  • How does my current performance match others?
  • What is the most efficient routine for my shed?
  • Implementing MaxT
  • Common myths around efficiency

Please download the MilkSmart application in your AppStore before attending the day. 

Lunch will be provided!

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to prevent the spread of disease, pest or weed


Event Details