North Island Winter Cropping Seminar ONLINE

Crop Planting & Paddock Selection

Want to put your winter crops in the right place to make your life easier next Winter?  This session will have all of the tips and tricks to make sure your farm meets the new winter rules.  And what are the new winter rules? This session will answer that.

We'll be joined by Justin Kitto who is DairyNZ's project leader for Intensive Winter Grazing.  He will take us through the updated Government regulations as well as optimizing our paddock and crop selection.  NOW is the time we can have a significant impact on our winter crops by choosing the right paddock and planting it in the right way.

Look out for the invitation in your email or texts or you can email us for a personal invitation if you don't normally receive emails from us.

This is an online Zoom meeting but will also be live-streamed via Facebook.  To join the meeting click here. Passcode is 896877

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