E350 Public Field Day - McDermott's & Gillespie's

Don't miss this event!

If you’re a farmer or rural professional, this is your chance to find out about Northland’s Extension 350 Project at one of ten public field days being held across the region.

Are you looking for localised information and advice to help you achieve your goals or address an issue? Extension 350 can help.

The project is a long-term farmer-to-farmer extension programme designed to help Northland farmers succeed - not just with a healthy bottom line, but with a healthy environment and a supportive community.

Come along to find out about the project and hear from farmers who are already involved.  At these field days farmers involved in Extension 350 will talk about their goals and plan for achieving them.  This is a chance to join their journey and learn from their experience.

A BBQ Lunch will be provided.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to prevent the spread of disease, pest or weed.

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