Tapora Discussion Group - October

This Discussion Group will be a combined event to discuss the Associate side of E350.

We'll be covering how mating is going, surplus management and setting up for Summer.

Some information regarding E350.

Associate farmers are essential to Extension 350. The opportunity starts with understanding what their target farm wants to achieve (their vision and goals).

By observing the changes made to the business to achieve these, the challenges of implementing change, and the benefits these changes create, associate farmers support each other to make changes on their own farms.

It’s an opportunity to get up close and learn what the target farmers are doing, apply the learnings to your own farm, and build strong networks to give and get advice.
The ‘secret sauce’ to Extension 350 is the small group interaction our target teams have. Unlike many workshops or training where you are talked at, Extension 350 gives you a chance to discuss and share ideas and information with your fellow target and associate farmers.

Associate farmers can be at any stage of the business journey, so it’s suitable for Farm Owners, Farm Managers, Sharemilkers, Contract Milkers or Farm Employees.

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