Browns Discussion Group February

MilkSmart Casestudies - open to all Southland farmers if interested

Over the last few months x3 Browns farmers have been involved in a MilkSmart casestudy with Josh Wheeler of QCONZ.

The topics of discussion at this group will be: 

  • Changes the Topham's have been making to their milking routine and milking machine setup which has allowed for already a time saving of 30-45mins/milking
  • Next steps and the aim to milk >300 cows/hours through peak milk 
  • Josh Wheeler QCONZ will be present who has been one of the key drivers behind MilkSmart and has vast experience in optimising milking routine and milking machine setup to improve milking performance.

Josh will also discuss:

  • Benchmarking your farm performance, so bring along accurate start and end milking times for your AM milking (milking herd only excluding any treated cows)
  • Key drivers of milking efficiency
  • How can we optimise our milking plant to improve cow milk out

 Register your attendance and go into the draw -  All farms that let us know they will be attending by replying to Ronda at or 03 2182274 will go in to the draw to have Josh Wheeler visit for a free milking efficiency consult while he is in Southland for this Discussion Group.

For further enquiries, please contact Nicole Hammond, or 021 240 8529

Event Details