Gorge Road Mokotua Discussion Group

Multiple sharemilking at scale

Shaun Goble is currently LOSM for farm owner Russell Jack at Tisbury. Currently Shaun is running two farms for Russell. 

Our discussion topic's will be around the production levels being acheived on farm which sit in the range of 1700KgMS/ha and 530KgMS/cow with approx 3.2cows/ha and 1tDM/cow imported feed. The discussion will be around lactation curves, days in milk, peak MS, and how the feed system compliments these metrics.

We will also discuss Shaun's career progression, managing a farm business at scale, and running a multiple sharemilking business.

This discussion group is open and welcome for all levy paying farm onwers and their employee's and will be espcially relevant for those at farm manager, CM, LOSM and HOSM. 

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to prevent the spread of disease, pest or weed.

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