Gorge Road Mokotua Farm Discussion Group

People, Progression, Pasture & Production

Miguel Ortiz and Maka Morales are in thier 4th season contract milking for Gerald and Mark Spain. This season will see them milk around 820 cows targeting 490KgMS/cow and 1480KgMS/ha from 500KgDM/cow. There MT rate across the past 3 seasons has averaged 10% and the farm is growing in excess of 17tDM/ha/yr

We'll be exploring how they achieve the results they are on farm and the team that helps support them to get these results.

Miguel and Maka will also discuss some of thier people management systems and how they value and look after their team on farm. 

All welcome.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

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