Milton Discussion Group

Maximising feed eaten and animal performance and reproduction KPI's to Christmas, personal goal setting and skill development for your farm team, Plan Change 8 affects on farm and much more.

The Milton Discussion Group focuses on a whole farm assessment approach basis and considers seasonal issues and the impact on this farm system.

The focus for Ann and Scott is around how they can grow and harvest more feed on this property whilst still meeting the industry challenges like Greenhouse Gas and water quality targets. Plus, what are good options for upskiling yourself or your farm team to be in a position to take on the next step in your/their career in the dairy industry?

Also, what are the 'on the ground effects of Plan Change 8 on this property?

This farmer group discusses and analyses the host farmer's system in order to identify opportunities and solutions that meet the host's future goals.
We also discusses seasonal issues and challenges that are affecting all farmers and look at development opportunities for farm teams and individuals.

This Discussion Group is open to anyone involved in dairying or dairy related agri-business. Come and join the discussion and finish with a lunch kindly provided by PGG Wrightsons.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

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