South / West Otago Equity Builder’s Discussion Group Launch

If you like rubbing shoulders with like-minded people this could be for you!

The Equity Builders Group is a chance to join other like-minded farmers who are at a similar stage in the business careers.

We are targeting South and West Otago contract milkers, LOSM's and 50:50 SM's in this progression discussion group.

This day is the launch event, and as well as being able to hear from some motivational farmer speakers who have built their businesses from the ground up, you will get to hear our thoughts on possible content. Although more importantly; we want to hear from you about what you want to cover and get out of this group. We would love to cover business progression and how you are building your equity, what your goals are and your plans to get there.

We envisage this will be a closed group and will run for 18 months in total and will visit farms all over South and West Otago. The group hours will be family and farmer friendly!

Come and join the discussion to hear what is being planned and decide if this group is for you.

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