Southland Biz Start Progression Group 2020-2021- Module 2 Budgeting

Module 2- Budgeting


An introduction to the principles of personal and farm business budgeting, this session will equip you to develop and update personal budgets and understand the building blocks for farm business budgeting.

We will hear from ANZ Rural Manager Lee Hodsell; and she will share her insights around the importance of budgetting from a banking perspective. 

By the end of this session you will:
- Have a clear understanding that budgeting is a cornerstone for a successful business
- Have a personal budget and know how to keep it current
- Understand the importance of linking spending decisions to your goals and actions
- Develop a farm management calendar and discuss how it feeds into farm business budgets
- Understand the principle differences between a range of budgets and when to use them


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