Waikato Autumn Calving Focus Group May

Gray and Marilyn farm 713ha at Putaruru. The 240ha milking platform supports 840 Autumn calved cows milked OAD producing 393kgMS/cow and 1375kgMS/ha. They have a 1125kgMS/day winter milk contract with Miraka. The 650 cow feedpad with supporting weeping wall and effluent infrastructure is used to fertilize the 160ha maize block, with a further 150ha in pine trees.

Come and hear Gray and Marilyn's views on their system including:
- Achieving high milk production and low SCC on OAD
- All AB mating to beef (predominantly Wagyu)
- Overcoming seasonal variation in pasture supply
- Managing feeding high levels of Maize Silage
- Creating sustainable systems for staff Protect our industry

Please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

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