OAD Discussion Group December

Join our last discussion group before Christmas as we discuss everything Once A Day (OAD).

After several years share milking and leasing in the Tapawera area, Brian & Hannah have purchased their first farm on Maruia West Bank Road south of Murchison. They are milking 330 Friesian cows OAD and are keen to develop a sustainable and profitable OAD business.

Having never previously milked OAD, they are keen for you to attend to discuss:

  • Production Potential – What is the potential production from OAD milking?
  • Pasture Management - Techniques for optimum OAD performance.
  • Herd Benefits - Potential benefits in reproductive performance and livestock income.
  • Financial Performance - Potential cost savings and financial implications.

We will start with the usual Whipround and break for lunch at 12 noon, kindly provided by My Milk, before continuing the discussion and farm inspection.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to reduce the risk of spreading a disease, pest or weed.

Event Details