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There are 18 questions in this section and it should take around 6 minutes to complete. 

Start Questions

Nutrient limits - Nitrogen rules confirmed


1a. If your farm is subject to Nitrogen based rules that are confirmed and in place with deadlines - are you meeting them?

Nutrient limits - Nitrogen rules proposed


1b. If your farm is in a region with Nitrogen based rules proposed but not confirmed – are you aware of what the potential requirement will be?

Nutrient limits - No nitrogen rules


1c. If your farm is in a region with no Nitrogen based rules, are you working towards good farming practice?

Nutrient management - Nutrient levels


2. Are the Phosphate (Olsen P), Potassium and Sulphur levels on your farm in the optimum range?

Nutrient management - Fertiliser application


3. Do fertiliser application protocols meet Good Management Practice, to minimise the risk of it leaching or running off and entering waterbodies?

Water use and irrigation - Washdown


4. Has the regional council authorised the water you are using in the dairy shed for milk cooling and washdown?

Water use and irrigation - Irrigation consent


5. Are you meeting consent conditions for your resource consent to irrigate pasture?

Water use and irrigation - Pasture irrigation


6. How do you schedule your pasture irrigation activities?

Effluent application


7. Is there ponding or runoff after application of farm dairy effluent to land?

Effluent storage


8. Do you have enough storage for your farm dairy effluent so you can cope with system breakdowns and never having to irrigate when soils are too wet?

Effluent ponds


9. Is your pond sealed with either a properly constructed clay liner, or a synthetic liner, and can you prove it's not leaking?

Waterways - stock


10. Are stock excluded from all waterbodies (inc. Drains, where the water will eventually reach a natural waterbody, wetlands and lakes) on the milking platform and any support land?

Waterways - Riparian planning


11. Do you have a Riparian Plan in place?

Risk assessment - Critical source areas


12. Have Critical Source Areas been identified and practices put in place to manage them to minimise sediment and P loss? (e.g. erosion, cultivation, winter grazing, race/laneways)

Understanding environmental risks


13. Do you want to know more about the environmental risks across the farm and do you want to quickly assess them?

Risk assessment - Compliance


14. Has the Regional Council or a Milk Supply Company audit identified any compliance issues on your farm?

Knowledge and skills


16. Do you and your team have the knowledge and skills to get the results you want/need in environmental management?