Farm Gauge
Farm Gauge



There are 13 questions in this section and it should take around 5 minutes to complete. 

Start Questions

Feed budgeting


1. Do you use a feed budget to set pasture cover targets and determine supplement, crop, and conserved feed usage?

Average pasture cover targets


2. Does your feed planning consider average pasture cover targets for calving and balance date and are they regularly achieved?

Pasture and crop eaten calculated


3. I have calculated or know the pasture and crop eaten (tDM /ha) figure for this farm

Regular pasture assessment


4. Are grazing decisions based on regular pasture assessment?

(Visual or with tools - at least 7-10 days in spring and at least fortnightly autumn/winter)

Achieving target residuals


5. Are post grazing residuals consistent and appropriate throughout the year?

Delegating pasture management


6. How confident are you that someone can manage your grazing management practices in your absence (or in the absence of your pasture manager)?

Paddock performance


7. I annually rank paddocks in order of total feed grown

Pasture development


8. What percentage of the farm can pasture production be improved cost-effectively with development? e.g. drainage, fertiliser, regrassing, irrigation, weed control etc

Profitable supplements


9. Are supplements used appropriately avoiding pasture wastage

Efficient nitrogen use


10. Nitrogen is applied at no more than 40-50kgN/ha at appropriate times and within regional or catchment recommendations

Cropping decisions


11. Before I plant a crop, I consider the pasture that the paddock would have grown, and the full costs to establish, harvest and feed the crop

Efficient irrigation


12. Which data is used to make irrigation decisions (excluding effluent)?

Knowledge and skills


13. Do you and your team have the knowledge and skills to get the results you want/need in feed management?