Farm Gauge
Farm Gauge



There are 9 questions in this section and it should take around 4 minutes to complete.

Start Questions

Hours worked


1. Employees on this farm work 50 hours per week or less

Fair remuneration


2. Are your employees paid the minimum wage for each hour they work?

Team culture


3. How well does your team work together?

Employee career progression


4. How well are you training and developing your employees?

Listening to employees


5. How open to employee conversations are you?

Staff retention


6. How many permanent employees left before completing 6 months work in the last two years?

Team able to run the farm


7. Would you be confident about going away for 4-10 days and leaving your team to run the farm?

Knowledge and skills


8. Do you and your team have the knowledge and skills to get the results you want/need around people performance?

Milksolids per hour worked

Milk Solids per hour worked is a great indicator of staff productivity.

To work it out, divide total milk solids produced season by the total hours worked for that season (paid and unpaid)

Hint- Check your time sheets or with your payroll provider.


9. What are your milksolids per hour worked including paid and unpaid time?

To calculate this take the total MS produced last season and divide by total hours worked by you and your team (paid and unpaid). Use a best estimate or gather this from time sheets or your payroll provider.