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Te Puke

System Type: 3
Bay of Plenty
Last Update:
11 October 2017

DairyNZ Comment:

11 Oct 2017
  • It’s tough out there!  By itself, the spring has been challenging and hard work. Put the impact that the autumn weather events had on top of that, and its little wonder that there’s a lot of mental and physical fatigue. Whether you're an owner, manager or farm employee, if you’re going to keep doing your job well, so much will depend on you being in a healthy and balanced place. When we're tired, distracted, sick or just worn out, it’s a struggle to make good decisions and not take the frustration out on those around us.

    Stress is not a bad thing - neither is being busy – both of these help us keep focused and are part of living an active, healthy life. But when we are stressed and busy for too long, it becomes detrimental, not just to our health but to farm efficiency and productivity. Making sure you keep yourself well rested and balanced is good for you as well as the team around you.

    There are a number of tips that can help keep us healthy and settled. If you can aim to improve just one of these, it will make a difference. Have a check on how many are you are currently practicing:

    • Try not to work more than 8-10 hours a day
    • Try not to have anyone work more than seven days without a day off
    • Try to have at least two consecutive days off when you can
    • Take annual leave - don’t just take the pay out!
    •  Limit the amount of highly processed foods you consume to less than four portions per day
    •  Max out on fruits and veges!
    •  Have someone you can talk freely to about work frustrations
    •  Make time for an interest outside of work.

    It can be a real challenge carry them all out, but the more areas you are able to improve, the more they will help you and your staff’s ability to work efficiently.


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  • Date Collected

    11 Oct 2017

  • Soil temp


  • Growth

    77 kgs DM/day

  • APC

    2306 kgs DM/ha

  • Rainfall

    105 mm

  • BCS


  • % in milk

    100 %

  • MS/cow

    2.04 kgs

  • MS/ha

    5.78 kgs

  • MS/ha YTD

    396 kgs

  • Rotation

    23 days

  • MS/cow YTD

    - kgs

  • Nitrogen YTD

    30 kgs/ha

  • Supplements

    3.5 kgs/cow/day

  • Supplements YTD

    520 kgs/cow/day

  • Weight Gain

    - kgs/day

  • Stocking Rate

    2.95 su/ha

  • Crude Protein Level


  • MJME